Seminars and Lectures

Pro-QM Zoom Seminars (Zeminars): Wednesdays 3:30PM (EST)
Nano-Optics Seminars: Fridays 5:00PM (EST)
Zeminar October 18 2023 
Moire Tuning of Transport Properties in Multilayer Graphite
Speakers : Dacen Waters
Institution :  University of Washington
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar October 11 2023 
Electrically Tunable Magnetism in Van der Waals Heterostructures
Institution : CMU
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 27 2023 
Quantum geometry in superconductivity, Bose-Einstein condensation and light-matter interactions
Speakers : Paivi Torma
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 20 2023 
Speakers : Shua Sanchez
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 13 2023 
Revival of Quadratic Dirac fermions and the competition of ordered states in twisted bilayer graphene
Speakers : Julian Ingham
Institution : Boston University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 6 2023 
Superconductor vortices in Weyl semimetals: quantum oscillations, supersymmetry and Majorana fermions
Speakers : Pavan Hosur
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 30 2023 
Ultrafast Control of Quantum Materials: Floquet Band Engineering and Beyond
Speakers : Dr. Andrew Cupo
Institution : Darmouth College
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 23 2023 
Chern Mosaic and ideal flat bands in helical twisted trilayer graphene
Speakers : Dr. Daniele Guerci
Institution : Flatiron Institute
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 16 2023 
Magic Angle Butterfly in Twisted Trilayer Graphene
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 9 2023 
Triplet pairing mechanisms from Hund’s-Kondo models – applications to heavy fermion superconductors
Speakers : Dr. Tamaghna Hazra
Institution : Rutgers University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 2 2023 
2D Materials and Heterostructures for Non-Volatile Memory and Strong Light-Matter Interactions
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 26 2023 
Imaging Charged Superfluid with Superconductive Probes
Speakers :  Xialong Liu
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 19 2023 
Cavity Control of Excitons in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors
Speakers : Jiamin Quan
Institution : CCNY
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 12 2023 
Geometric Stiffness in Interlayer Exciton Condensates
Speakers : Nish Verma
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 5 2023 
Spontaneous Momentum Polarization in Multilayer Graphene
Speakers : Jia Leo Li
Institution : Brown University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar June 28 2023 
Chiral anomaly for quantum anomalous physics in twisted transition metal dichalcogenides
Institution : Flatiron Institute
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar June 21 2023 
Unique transport signatures in magnetic materials: Connecting semiclassics and quantum perturbation theory at nonlinear order
Speakers :  Tobias Holder
Institution : Weizmann Institute
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar June 7 2023 
Characteristic nanoscale deformation on large-area coherent graphite moiré patterns
Institution : UC San Diego
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 31 2023 
Probing electronic correlations, symmetries and superconductivity in FeSe1-xSx with Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
Institution : Yale University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 17 2023 
Visualizing pair density wave order in a magnetic superconductor
Speakers :  He Zhao
Institution : BNL
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 10 2023 
Imaging Metal-Insulator Patterns in VO2 for Neuromorphic Computing
Speakers :  Alexandre Zimmers
Institution : Notre Dame
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 3 2023 
Photovoltage Nano-Imaging in Moiré Materials
Speakers :  Petr Stepanov
Institution : Notre Dame
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 26 2023 
Twisting nodal superconductors, from monolayers to thin flakes
Speakers :  Jed Pixley
Institution : Rutgers University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 19 2023 
Exploring Many-body Effects on Optical Excitations and their Dynamics in Low-Dimensional Materials
Speakers :  Diana Qui
Institution : Yale University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 12 2023 
Manipulation of Quantum Materials Through Strain
Speakers :  Na Hyun Jo
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 5 2023 
Optical probing of thermal and excitonic effects in solution-processed hybrid perovskites
Speakers :  Peijun Guo
Institution : Yale University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 29 2023 
Designing Fractionalized Topological States by Quantum Geometries
Speakers : Jie Wang
Institution : Harvard University 
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 22 2023 
Coupling Quantum Geometry and Light in Moiré Materials and Beyond
Institution : University of Pennsylvania
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 15 2023 
Correlated Bosons in Semiconducting Moiré Superlattices
 Speakers :  Professor Chenhao Jin
Institution : UC Santa Barbara
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 22 2023 
Excitons or not excitons in photo-excited TMDC monolayers
Speakers : Dr. Taketo Handa
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 15 2023 
De Gennes narrowing in the density fluctuation spectrum of a strange metal
Institution : University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 8 2023 
Observation of a massive phason and THz phonon-driven Kerr effects in a Weyl charge density wave
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 1 2023 
Some news about the insulating phases in twisted bilayer graphene.
Institution : Laboratoire de Physique de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure, CNRS
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar January 25 2023 
Three-state nematicity and magneto-optical Kerr effect in the charge density waves in Kagome superconductors
Speakers :  Professor Liang Wu
Institution :  University of Pennsylvania
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar January 18 2023 
Trions in twisted bilayer graphene
Speakers :  Frank Schindler
Institution : Princeton
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar January 11 2023 
Decoding Molecular Fingerprints: Visualization of Molecular Vibration with Inelastic Electron Tunneling and Photon
Speakers :  Shaowei Li
Institution : UC San Diego
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar January 4 2023 
Imaging Sound Waves in Topological Metamaterials
Speakers :   Prof. Keji Lai
Institution : UT Austin
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar December 14 2022 
Determination of the Topological Order of a Non-Abelian Quantum State
Speakers :  Moty Heiblum
Institution : Weizmann Institute
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar December 7 2022 
Light-matter interactions with photonic quasiparticles
Speakers :  Nicholas Rivera
Institution : Harvard University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar November 30 2022 
Spin and valley instabilities in doped twistronics
Speakers :  Oded Zilberg
Institution : University of Konstanz
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar November 16 2022 
PostPandemic Tool for Quantum Materials and vice-versa
Speakers :  Ken Burch
Institution : Boston College
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar November 9 2022 
Magneto-Optical Probes Shed Light on the Unconventional Resistivity of EuCd2P2
Speakers :  Veronika Sunko
Institution : Berkeley
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar November 2 2022 
Self-organised quantum dots in lattice-reconstructed twistronic bilayers of transition metal dichalcogenides
Speakers :  Vladimir Falko
Institution : University of Manchester
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar October 26 2022 
Observation of Pines’ Demon in Sr2RuO4
Speakers :  Ali Hussain
Institution : Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute at the University of British Columbia
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar October 19 2022 
Quantum Optics with Free Electrons
Speakers :  Ido Kaminer
Institution : Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar October 12 2022 
Superconductivity, charge density wave, and supersolidity in flat bands with tunable quantum metric
Speakers :  Johannes Hofmann
Institution : Weizmann Institute
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar October 5 2022
Designer 2D Materials and Machine Learning-Assisted Characterization 
Speakers :  Shengxi Huang
Institution : Rice University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 28 2022 
Imaging a 2D Magnet with Engineered Shape
Speakers :  Patrick Reiser
Institution : 

Imaging Van der Waals Magnets

Speakers :  Märta Tschudin
Institution : 
Introduction to NV Magnetometry of 2D Magnets
Speakers :  David Broadway
Institution : 
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 21 2022 
Interacting Opto-Moiré Quantum Matter
Speakers :  Xiaodong Xu
Institution :University of Washington
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 14 2022 
Speakers :  Katja Nowack
Institution : Cornell
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 7 2022 
Topological Current Divider in a Chern Insulator Junction
Speakers :  Dmitry Ovchinnikov
Institution : University of Washington
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 31 2022 
Tunable Exciton-Hybridized Magnon Interactions in a Layered Semiconductor
Speakers :  Geoff Diederich
Probing and controlling magnetism in 2D magnetic semiconductor CrSBr
Speakers :  John Cenker
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 25 2022 
Active Nanophotonics with van der Waals materials
Speakers :  Souvik Biswas
Institution : Caltech
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 17 2022 
Study of Correlated Physics in TMD Moire Systems
Speakers : Xiong Huang
Institution : UC Riverside
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 10 2022 
Optical tweezer arrays of molecules for quantum science
Speakers : Jessie Zhang
Institution : Harvard
Towards a dual-species array of Na and Cs atoms in optical tweezers
Speakers : Dr. Kenji Yasuda
Institution : Harvard
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 3 2022 
Two-dimensional ferroelectrics by design
Speakers : Dr. Kenji Yasuda
Institution : MIT
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 27 2022 
Intertwined charge density wave order and superconductivity in new classes of topological kagome metals
Speakers : Stephen Wilson
Institution : UC Santa Barbara
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 22 2022 
Magnetism in Rhombohedral-stacked Trilayer Graphene
Speakers : Jeanie Lau
Host : Dimitri Basov
Supercurrent and Quantum Geometry in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Speakers: Haidong Tian
Zeminar July 13 2022 
Laser-Cooled Molecules for Quantum Science & Controlled Organic Chemistry
Speakers : Daniel McCarron
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 6 2022 
Magic-Angle Twisted Graphene Family
Speakers : Jeong Min Park
Institution : MIT
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar June 22 2022 
Photon Correlation Spectroscopy of Moiré Systems.
Speakers : Natasha Kiper
Institution : ETH Zurich
Host : Dimitri Basov
Interlayer Hybridization and Spin Physics in MoSe2/WS2 Heterostructures
Speaker: Livio Ciorciaro
Institution: ETH Zurich
Electrically Tunable Quantum Confinement of Neutral Excitons
Speaker: Deepankur Thureja
Institution: ETH Zurich
Zeminar June 15 2022 
Quantum simulation of light-matter interactions with ultracold atoms
Speakers : Chiara Trovatello
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar June 8 2022 
Bridging macroscopic and microscopic nonlinear optics
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar June 1 2022 
Topological spin textures at the surface of chiral magnet MnGe
Speakers : Jacob Repicky
Institution : Ohio State University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 25 2022 
Precision Synthesis of Quantum Material Building Blocks
Speakers : Thomas Kempa
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 18 2022 
Speakers : Myungjae Lee 
Institution : University of Chicago
Host : Dimitri Basov
Speakers : Andrew Mannix
Institution : Stanford University


Zeminar May 11 2022 
Speakers : Group of Galan Moody
Institution : 
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 4 2022 
Speakers : Adam Kaufman 
Institution : 
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 27 2022 
Charge density waves in epitaxially grown few layer transition metal dichalcogenides
Speakers : Sung-Kwan Mo
Institution : 
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 20 2022 
Probing Superconductivity in Twisted Multilayer Graphene
Speakers : Andrew Zimmerman
Institution : Harvard
Host : Dimitri Basov
Aharonov-Bohm effect and charge-induced phase jumps in a graphene quantum Hall interferometer
Speakers : Tom Werkmeister
Institution : Harvard
Zeminar April 13 2022 
Imaging hidden worlds – scanning gate microscopy on buried two-dimensional charge carrier gases
Speakers : Carolin Gold
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 6 2022 
Engineering heterostructures in 2-D solids to define new localized quantum states with quantum coherent properties
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 30 2022 
Electron correlation and coupling with phonon in an ABC trilayer graphene/hBN moire superlattice
Speakers : Long Ju
Institution : MIT
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 23 2022 
Microwave Microscopy of Topological Acoustics
Speakers : Keji Lai
Institution : University of Texas
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 9 2022 
Laser cooling of polyatomic molecules
Speakers : Debayan Mitra
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 2 2022 
Visualizing topological and correlated electronic states at the atomic scale in 2D devices
Speakers : Tiancong Zhu
Institution : 
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 23 2022 
Floquet topological systems with flat bands: Edge modes, Berry curvature, and Orbital magnetization 
SpeakersCeren Burcak Dag
Institution : University of Michigan
Orbital Magnetization of Floquet topological systems
Speakers : Aditi Mitra
Institution : NYU
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 16 2022 
Speakers : Kitesh Agarwal
Institution : University of Pennsylvania
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 9 2022 
Speakers : Kevin Singh
Institution : University of Chicago
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 2 2022 
A nanoscale view of lithographic band structure engineering of graphene
Speakers : Bjarke Jessen
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar January 26 2022 
Steady-state Wigner-negative light from a driven multilevel atom
Speakers : Scott Parkins
Institution : University of Auckland
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar January 19 2022 
Revealing the Quantumness of Coherent States inhomogeneity
Speakers : Pablo Solano
Institution : Universidad de Concepción
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar January 12 2022 
Cuprate quantum phase transition probed by nanoscale density wave inhomogeneity
Speakers : Tatiana Webb
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar January 5 2022 
Engineering 2D Materials: Defects and Environment
Speakers : Madisen Holbrook
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar December 15 2021 
Coherent control of Rydberg operations and nuclear spin qubits in Ytterbium optical tweezer arrays
Speakers : Alex Burgers
Institution : Princeton
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar December 8 2021 
Ferroelectric domains and piezoelectric networks in twistronic bilayers of transition metal dichalcogenides
Speakers : Vladimir Falko
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar December 1 2021 
Quantum friction in nanoscale water flows
Speakers : Nikita Kavokine
Institution : Flatiron Institute
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar November 17 2021 
Speakers : Haoxin Zhou
Institution : Caltech
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar November 10 2021 
Quasi-1D Exciton Channels in Strain-Engineered 2D Materials
Speakers : Florian Dirnberger
Host : Dimitri Basov
Exciton diffusion in 2D materials

Speakers : Jonas D. Ziegler

Zeminar November 3 2021 
Engineering Quantum Valley Hall Edge Modes, from Electronics to Phononics
Speakers : Quicheng Zhang
Institution : University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar October 27 2021 
To catch and reverse a quantum jump mid-flight
Speakers : Zlatko Minev
Institution : IBM Quantum
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar October 20 2021 
Dark states from superradiant decay of multilevel atoms in a cavity
Institution : JILA
Host : Dimitri Basov
Universality of Dicke superradiance in arrays of quantum emitters

Speakers : Stuart Masson

Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar October 13 2021 
Imaging Correlated Electrons and Generalized Wigner Crystals in WSe2/WS2 Moiré Superlattices
Speakers : Hongyuan Li
Institution : Berkeley
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar October 6 2021 
Universal quench dynamics and Townes soliton formation in attractive two-dimensional Bose gases
Speakers : Chen-Lung Hung
Institution : Purdue University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Optical trapping and coupling single atoms to a nanophotonic microring resonator
Speakers : Hikaru Tamura
Institution : Purdue University
Zeminar September 29 2021 
Magnetic topological phases in dissipative systems
Speakers : Benedetta Flebus
Institution : Boston College
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 22 2021 
Enhancing the formation of multiexciton complexes in 2D semiconductors
Speakers : Nicholas Borys
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 15 2021 
Measuring Polarization in a Tunable Two-Dimensional Ferroelectric Semimetal
Speakers : Ben Hunt
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 8 2021 
What is the ultimate conductance limit of hydrodynamic electrons?
Speakers : Shahal Ilani
Institution : Weizmann Institute
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 1 2021 
Gate-tunable charge transfer in graphene on chromium trihalides (Part 1)
Speakers : Chun-Chih Tseng
Host : Dimitri Basov
Gate-tunable charge transfer in graphene on chromium trihalides (Part 2)

 Speakers : Matthew Yankowitz

Zeminar August 25 2021 
Electron-phonon Cherenkov instability in graphene revealed by global and local noise probes
Speakers : Trond Anderson
Institution : Harvard University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 18 2021 
Graphene Nanoribbons, Transition Metal Chalcogenides and MXenes for Electronic Applications
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar August 11 2021 
Hydrodynamic rectification in a graphene Tesla valve
Speakers : Johannes Geurs
Host : Dimitri Basov
Edge Channels of Broken-Symmetry Quantum Hall States in Graphene visualized by Atomic Force Microscopy
Speakers : Sungmin Kim
Institution : NIST
Zeminar August 4 2021 
Patterning atomic flatland: electronic lattices crafted atom by atom
Speakers : Marlou Slot
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 28 2021 
Photon avalanching and photoactivation in Lanthanide-based systems
Speakers : Changhwan Lee
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 21 2021 
Atomically imprinted graphene plasmonics
Speakers : Brian S. Kim
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Designing crystal structures with light to induce and enhance magnetic order
Speakers : Ankit Disa
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar July 14 2021 
Spin-orbit coupling and excitons in monolayer WTe2
Speakers : David Cobden
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar July 7 2021 
Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering on ultrathin FeSe grown on SrTiO3
Host : Dimitri Basov
Surface plasmons induce topological transition in graphene/MoO3 heterostructures
Speakers : Frank Ruta
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar June 30 2021 
Imaging ballistic and viscous electron flow around electrostatic barriers using scanning tunneling potentiometry
Speakers : Victor Brar
Host : Dimitri Basov
Using Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM) and scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) to image quantum wells in graphene/hBN devices
Speakers : Wyatt Behn
Zeminar June 23 2021 
Suppression of superconductivity by anisotropic strain near a nematic quantum critical point
Speakers : Paul Malinowski
Host : Dimitri Basov
Lifshitz transition in an ideal type-II Weyl semimetal MnBi2-xSbxTe4
Speakers : Qianni Jiang
Zeminar June 16 2021 
Quantum point contacts in transition metal dichalcogenides
Speakers : Larry Song
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Bilayer WSe2 as a natural platform for interlayer exciton condensates
Speakers : Qianhui Shi
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar June 2 2021 
How do we discover Majorana particles in nanowires?
Speakers : Sergey Frolov
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 26 2021 
Subcycle nanoscopy of ultrafast interlayer tunneling in atomically thin heterostructures
Speakers : Fabian Mooshammer
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zero energy modes in topological superconductors
Speakers : Songtian Zhang
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar May 19 2021 
Modulation Doping via a 2d Atomic Crystalline Acceptor
Speakers : Yiping Wang
Host : Dimitri Basov
Transport characteristics of α-RuCl3/graphene heterostructures 
Zeminar May 12 2021 
Boron in the 2D Limit: Borophene, Borophane, and Beyond
Speakers : Mark Hersam
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar May 5 2021 
Visualizing Atomically Thin Quantum Material Devices at the Nanoscale
Speakers : Jairo Velasco
Institution : UC Santa Cruz
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 28 2021 
lnterlayer Interactions and Entanglement of Excitons in Magnetic Van der Waals Semiconductors
Speakers : Ting Cao
Host : Dimitri Basov
Janus Engineering of 2D Materials: Transition Metal Dichalcogenides and Beyond
Speakers : Kaichen Xie
Zeminar April 21 2021 
Electron-Phonon Coupling with the Soft Phonon Mode in Ferroelectric SbSI
Speakers : Mark Ziffer
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Dipole-active collective excitations in moiré flat bands as a probe of the correlated insulating state
Speakers : Ali Fahimniya
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar April 14 2021 
Tunneling spectroscopy of correlated phases in twisted bilayer graphene
Speakers : Dillon Wong
Institution : Princeton
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar April 7 2021 
Renormalization group approach to competing orders at charge neutrality in twisted bilayer graphene
Speakers : Lucile Savary
Host : Dimitri Basov
Thermal conductivity of phonons coupled to other degrees of freedom
Speakers : Léo Mangeolle
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 31 2021 
Cyclotron resonance overtones and near-field excitation of terahertz Bernstein modes in graphene
Speakers : Denis Bandurin
Institution : MIT
Host : Dimitri Basov
Technique for controlling angle and strain in twisted van der Waals heterostructures
Speakers : Maëlle Kapfer
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 24 2021 
Designed Frustration: Unusual Magnetism in Artificial Spin Ice
Speakers : Peter Schiffer
Institution : Yale University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar March 10 2021 
Ferroelectric Large Polarons
Speakers : Xiaoyang Zhu
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov

Plasmonic Topological Quasiparticle at NanoFemto Scale

Speakers : Yinan Dai
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar March 3 2021 
Superconducting fluctuation and mode coupling in overdoped high-Tc cuprates
Speakers : Yu He
Institution : Yale University
Host : Dimitri Basov

Synthesis and Nano-scale characterization of Borophene on metal surfaces

Speakers : Rongting Wu
Institution : Yale University
Zeminar February 24 2021 
Moiré trions in MoSe2/WSe2 heterobilayersrtwined Topological and Magnetic Orders in Atomically Thin Chern Insulator MnBi2Te4
Speakers : Xi Wang
Host : Dimitri Basov
Intertwined Topological and Magnetic Orders in Atomically Thin Chern Insulator MnBi2Te4 
Speakers : Dmitry Ovchinnikov
Zeminar February 17 2021 
Electronic phases in twisted bilayer graphene
Speakers : Tobias Stauber
Institution : CSIC
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar February 10 2021 
Bilayer Graphene as a Model Hydrodynamic Conductor
Speakers : James Hone
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Integration of 2D materials on silicon photonics towards low-loss phase modulation
Speaker: Sanghoon Chae
Zeminar February 3 2021 
Electrostatic Control of Magnetoresistance in 2D CrSBr
Speakers : Evan Telford
Host : Dimitri Basov
Periodic Magnetic Structure and Topological Spin Texture in CrSBr
Zeminar January 27 2021 
Designer quantum materials in van der Waals heterostructures
Speakers : Peter Liljeroth
Institution : Aalto University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Moiré-enabled topological superconductivity
Institution: Aalto University
Zeminar January 20 2021 
Second order Josephson effect in excitonic insulators
Speakers : Zhiyuan Sun
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Bulk photovoltaic effect in ferroelectric excitonic insulators
Speaker: Tatsuya Kaneko
Institution: Columbia University
Zeminar January 13 2021 
Nano-photocurrent measurements on twisted bilayer graphene
Speakers : Sai Sunku
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Unveiling the metallic phases of twisted transition metal dichalcogenides
Speaker: Augusto Ghiotto
Institution: Columbia University
Zeminar January 6 2021 
Hyperspectral Nanoimaging of 2D In-Plane Heterostructures : multimodal nanoimaging & the role of nano-interface 2D alloys
Speakers : Yohannes Abate
Institution : University of Georgia
Host : Dimitri Basov
Liquid-Phase Precursor-Assisted Synthesis of 2D TMDs and In-Plane Heterostructures
Speaker: Tianyi Zhang
Institution : Penn State University
Infrared Nanoscopy of Hyperbolic Mica
Speaker: Alireza Fali
Zeminar December 16 2020 
Mismatched Interface Theory (MINT) and its applications
Speakers : Eun Ah-Kim
Institution : Cornell University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Unsupervised learning of nematic order in twisted bilayer graphene from scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Speakers : Samuel Lederer
Institution : Cornell University
Zeminar December 9 2020 
Interlayer Excitons in van der Waals Heterostructures
Speakers : Hui Deng
Institution : University of Michigan
Host : Dimitri Basov
Coherent Optical Control of Atomically Thin Semiconductors
Speakers : Jason Horng
Institution : University of Michigan
Zeminar December 2 2020 
Polariton quantum fluids: from superfluidity to neuromorphic computing
Speakers : Daniele Sanvitto
Host : Dimitri Basov
Topological effects in polariton materials
Speakers : Dario Ballarini
Institution : Advanced Photonics Lab
Zeminar November 18 2020 
Electronic dispersion in amorphous matter exposed by a glassy topological insulator
Speakers :  Sam Ciocys
Institution : UC Berkeley
Host : Dimitri Basov
Towards directed formation of 1D quantum wires in 2D semiconductors.
Speakers : Emanuil Sashev
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar November 11 2020 
Strange-metal behavior of the Hall angle in twisted bilayer graphene
Speakers : Marc Bockrath
Institution : Ohio State University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Spin photovoltaic effect in magnetic van der Waals heterostructures
Speakers : Tiancheng Song
Zeminar November 4 2020 
Electronic nematicity in moire superlattices. Part I: coupling to elastic degrees of freedom
Speakers : Rafael Fernandes
Host : Dimitri Basov
Electronic nematicity in moire superlattices. Part II: application to twisted bilayer graphene
Zeminar October 28 2020 
Plasmon Modes in Narrow-Band Electron Systems
Institution : Caltech
Host : Dimitri Basov
Hyperbolic Cooper-pair polaritons in layered graphene/cuprate heterostructure
Speakers : Brian Kim
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar October 21 2020 
Terahertz response of monolayer and few-layer WTe2 at the nanoscale
Speakers : Ran Jing
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Terahertz Hyperspectral Imaging of doped Van der Waals materials
Speakers : Rocco Vitalone
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar October 14 2020 
Imaging spinon density modulations in a 2D quantum spin liquid
Speakers : Wei Ruan
Institution : UC Berkely
Host : Dimitri Basov
Visualizing delocalized correlated electronic states in twisted double bilayer graphene
Speakers : Canxun Zhang
Institution : UC Berkely
Zeminar October 7 2020 
Strain engineered 2D materials for Integrated Photonic Device
Speakers : Rishi Maiti
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Zeminar September 30 2020 
Nano-PL of strain localized exciton states in TMD heterostructures
Speakers : Thomas Darlington
Institution : Columbia University
Host : Dimitri Basov
Towards nearfield second harmonic generation imaging of 2D materials
Speakers : Kaiyun Yao
Institution : Columbia University
Zeminar September 23 2020 
Quantum chemistry and density functional theory of correlated moiré states in transition metal dichalcogenide superlattice
Speakers : Yang Zhang
Host : Dimitri Basov
Ab-initio studies and predictions of functional topological and magnetic materials 
Speakers : Sophie Weber
Zeminar September 16 2020 
Correlated Nanoelectronics
Host : Dimitri Basov