Mission Statement: To discover, characterize, and deploy new forms of quantum matter controllable by gating, magnetic proximity and nano-mechanical manipulation.

Experimentally realizing quantum phases of matter and controlling their properties is a central goal of the physical sciences. In this endeavor, fundamental science is particularly relevant to technological advances. Novel quantum phases with controllable properties are essential for new electronic, photonic, and energy management technologies needed to address the growing societal demands for rapid and energy efficient information processing and transduction. Quantum materials (QMs) offer particularly appealing opportunities for the implementation of on-demand quantum phasesQMs host interacting many-body electronic systems featuring an intricate interplay of topology, reduced dimensionality, and strong correlations that leads to the emergence of “quantum matter’’ exhibiting macroscopically observable quantum effects over a vast range of length and energy scales.

The unified four-year scientific goals of Pro-QM are organized in two interdependent Research Thrusts. The Thrusts harness and rely on two major research Themes, built on the cross-cutting strengths of our team: (A) the creation of new tailored materials and architectures to understand and exploit interfaces, and (B) transformative advances in experimental imaging tools for probing optoelectronic and magnetic properties at their native length- and time-scales. The concerted EFRC effort is therefore imperative to make the desired leaps in progress.

Programmable QMs properties are essential for realizing the promise of quantum technology for disruptive advances in information transfer, processing, sensing, and other currently unimagined functions.

Our team is focused on transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) and 2D-halides: two representative classes of layered van der Waals (vdW) solids combining novel properties with an unprecedented degree of controllability.

Programmable Quantum Materials (Pro-QM)

Columbia University

Dmitri N. Basov (Director), Cory R. Dean, Milan Delor, James Hone, Michal Lipson, James McIver, Andrew J. Millis, Abhay Pasupathy, Raquel Queiroz, Xavier Roy, P. James Shuck, Xiaoyang Zhu

University of Washington

Jiun-Haw Chu, David H. Cobden, Alexandra Velian, Di Xiao, Xiaodong Xu, Matt Yankowitz

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Valentina Bisogni, Mengkun Liu

Contact: D. N. Basov, Pro-QM Director,