News and Announcements

Columbia researchers find evidence of waveguiding in a unique quantum material, counting expectations about how metals conduct light.

The Earle K. Plyer Prize for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics recognizes notable contributions to the field of molecular spectroscopy and dynamics. Zhu is recognized for seminal research in the spectroscopy and dynamics of molecular condensed materials.

The James C. McGroddy Prize recognizes and encourages outstanding achievement in the science and application of new materials. Hone is recognized for his seminal contributions to the synthesis and assembly of high-quality 2D materials and their heterostructures.

Columbia will receive a $12.6 million dollar grant over the next four years to continue to continue creating programable quantum materials.

Shaowen Chen received the Robert Simon Memorial Prize, awarded annually by Columbia Applied Physics Department to the graduate student who has completed the most outstanding dissertation. Thesis advisor: Prof. Cory Dean.

Research led by Jim Schuck’s group on twistronics uncovered controls of nonlinear optical phenomena.

Matt Yankowitz received the 2021 Lee-Oscheroff-Richardson prize for his work on twisted bilayers, including Pro-QM supported research.